What god has brought together let no man

 Matthew 19:4,5,6

And he answered and said ... - Instead of referring to the opinions of either party, Jesus called their attention to the original design of marriage, to the authority of Moses an authority acknowledged by them both.

Have ye not read? - Gen 1:27; Gen 2:21-22. “And said, For this cause,” etc., Gen 2:24. That is, God, at the beginning, made but one man and one woman: their posterity should learn that the original intention of marriage was that a man should have but one wife.

Shall leave his father and mother - This means, shall bind himself more strongly to his wife than he was to his father or mother. The marriage connection is the most tender and endearing of all human relations more tender than even that bond which unites us to a parent.

And shall cleave unto his wife - The word “cleave” denotes a union of the firmest kind. It is in the original taken from gluing, and means so firmly to adhere together that nothing can separate them.

They twain shall be one flesh - That is, they two, or they that were two, shall be united as one - one in law, in feeling, in interest, in affection. They shall no longer have separate interests, but shall act in all things as if they were one - animated by one soul and one wish. The argument of Jesus here is, that since they are so intimately united as to be one, and since in the beginning God made but one woman for one man, it follows that they cannot be separated but by the authority of God. Man may not put away his wife for every cause. What God has joined together man may not put asunder. In this decision he really decided in favor of one of the parties; and it shows that when it was proper, Jesus answered questions without regard to consequences, from whatever cause they might have been proposed, and however much difficulty it might involve him in. Our Lord, in this, also showed consummate wisdom. He answered the question, not from Hillel or Shammai, their teachers, but from Moses, and thus defeated their malice.​

                                          "WHAT GOD HAS JOINED"


There has been much news about redefining marriage...

State courts in America are considering whether it's unconstitutional to deprive gays and lesbians of the right to marry

Courts in Canadian provinces have already approved marriage rights for same-sex couples

Some legal scholars are proposing a 'delegalization' of marriage altogether

The definition of marriage has been undergoing change for quite a while...

Most states allow no-fault divorces, permitting remarriage under any circumstance

Many churches have followed suit; in some denominations the divorce rate is higher than among atheists and agnostics!

[There has never been a greater need to return to what the Bible teaches regarding the institution of marriage. When we do so, we learn that it involves two people that...



Ordained by God 'at the beginning' - Mt 19:4-5; Mk 10:6-8; . Gen 2:21-24

God, not government, joins a man and a women in holy matrimony - Mt 19:6

The wedding ceremony may vary according to local custom

Whatever the custom, it is God that does the joining

God, not man, defines the marriage relationship

Who has a right to marry

Who has a right to terminate a marriage


For the single man and woman - Gen 2:21-24; Mt 19:4-5

Male and female

Created for union together as one flesh

Thus biological design reveals that God created the male and female for heterosexual union, not homosexual union

A person with a reproductive organ cannot say that God made them for union with a person of the same sex!

For the widowed - Ro 7:1-3; 1Co 7:39

God joins a man and a woman for life

Death releases the surviving spouse from the marriage bond

"Till death do us part" is a vow to be taken seriously

For the scripturally divorced - Mt 19:9

Only one exception is given in scripture for divorce and remarriage

A person may put away their spouse for fornication, and only then remarry without committing adultery

Only God has the authority to dictate the definition and terms of marriage. Those willing to submit to His definition and terms can be assured that when they marry God indeed 'joins' them as husband and wife. For those so joined...



Many Pharisees thought a certificate permitted any divorce without guilt

Their interpretation of the Law was amiss - Mt 5:31

They focused on the mention of a decree - Deut 24:1-4; cf. Mt 19:7

They failed to note the affect of the woman's remarriage: why the first husband could not take his wife back even after the second husband died - Deut 24:4

The woman's second marriage 'defiled' her, just as adultery is called a defilement - Jer 3:1; Lev 18:20; Num 5:13-14

"The second marriage of a woman who had been divorced is designated by Moses a defilement of the woman...a moral defilement, i.e., blemishing, desecration of the sexual communion which was sanctified by marriage, IN THE SAME SENSE IN WHICH ADULTERY IS CALLED A DEFILEMENT in Lev 18:20 and Num 5:13,14..." - Keil & Delitzsch

"Thus the second marriage of a divorced woman was placed implicit upon a par with adultery, and some approach was made towards the teaching of Christ concerning marriage (Mt 5:32)..." - .

"If the second marriage of a divorced woman was a moral defilement, of course the wife could not marry the first again even after the death of her second husband... because the defilement of the wife would be thereby repeated, and even increased, as the moral defilement which the divorced wife acquired through the second marriage was not removed by a divorce from the second husband, nor yet by his death." - .

For such reasons God hated divorce in OT times - Mal 2:16

It is a treacherous act, covering one's garment with violence

Like polygamy, God tolerated it; but it was hurtful to women

God permitted the Jews to so mistreat their wives, but no more

It was allowed temporarily due to the hardness of their hearts - Mt 19:8

But now Jesus requires a higher standard of righteousness - Mt 5:20

He holds those who divorce without proper cause guilty of causing adultery - Mt 5:32

Note well: government may issue divorce papers, but God may still consider one married!

Giving your spouse papers doesn't free them to remarry without guilt - Mt 5:32

Marrying someone with divorce papers can still result in adultery! - Mt 5:32


God approves two reasons for ending a marriage

The death of one's spouse - 1Co 7:39

The fornication of one's spouse - Mt 5:32; 19:9

What about separation? What about abandonment?

Separation must be by consent, and only for a short while - 1Co 7:5,10-11

Abandonment by an unbeliever only frees one from marital obligations; there is no indication one is thereby free to remarry - 1Co 7:12-16

Reject God's Word, and face grave consequences

God will judge fornicators and adulterers - He 13:4

They will not inherit the kingdom of God - 1Co 6:9-10

Yet where there is repentance one can find grace

One can be washed, sanctified, and justified - 1Co 6:11

The blood of Christ can wash away sin

The Spirit of God can help one live a sanctified life

Though it may mean living a celibate life - cf. Mt 19:10-12

Becoming a 'eunuch' by choice, if necessary to accept Jesus' sayings

Because the kingdom of heaven is worth any sacrifice


Those who accept Jesus' teaching on marriage, divorce and remarriage...

Have the assurance that God joins them in holy matrimony

Avoid the sin and trauma of causing adultery or committing adultery

Can have the hope of entering the kingdom of heaven, though it may mean celibacy

Those who reject the Bible's teaching on marriage, divorce and remarriage...

May have papers saying they are divorced, or married, but God still holds them accountable

Have no basis for rejecting all sorts of ideas regarding the institution of marriage

Have no hope of inheriting the kingdom of God, though they may have temporal bliss

Jesus said that those who would be His disciples must abide in His Words and observe what He taught (Jn 8:31-32; Mt 28:18-20). How will you react to the teachings of Jesus?

"From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more. Then Jesus said to the twelve, 'Do you also want to go away?' But Simon Peter answered Him, 'Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.'" - Jn 6:66-68

Are you willing to follow Him who has the words of eternal life...?